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What is MicroNeedling?

MicroNeedling is the insertion of very fine needles into the skin for the purpose of rejuvenation. This process creates micro channels in the skin and the skin's repair response is to produce collagen and elastin to heal the micro injury. This in turn makes skin tighter and smoother. Treatments can usually be done every 4 weeks and offer skin rejuvenation levels from the simple enhancement of product absorption (up to 2000%) to the clinical treatment of scars, acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, and more..


What is NanoNeedling?

NanoNeedling only affects the epidermis and does not puncture the skin. Nano-needling improves fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin and swelling. Benefits include increased product absorption by up to 97%, pigmentation reduction, increased cell turnover, skin rejuvenation and an immediate glow with no down time. Treatments can usually be done weekly. During a microneedling session, nanoneedling will be used around the delicate eye area and the lips.

Greenwich Acupuncture clinic offers anti-aging and wrinkle reducing facial treatments, scar reduction, acne and age spot treatments. Hair growth treatments are also offered.


What makes our approach unique, is keeping our roots in Chinese medicine, all products are made using Chinese herbs. Victoria Ryan custom blends all serums in a base of either pure hyaluronic acid or glycerine and makes a hair tonic spray with Chinese herbs known to reduce inflammation and promote hair growth. This approach provides for the use of ingredients as close to natural and chemical-free as possible. If you have products you like to use at home, feel free to resume use 48 hours after your micro-needling or nano-needling treatment.

What to expect during a typical facial treatment:

Red Light Therapy

The treatment begins with a 10 minute red light therapy session. Red light, also known as low level laser, can help repair damage to the skin, minimize fine lines, increase collagen synthesis by 200% and reduce inflammation.

Applying Face Cream

Numbing Cream

If you have sensitive skin, we can apply numbing cream prior to the micro-needling treatment. You will need to arrive 1/2 hour in advance of your appointment or apply cream at home before you come in. Most of the time we find needling more shallow to minimize discomfort.



Enhance your experience by adding body acupuncture to balance energy and assist with the detox process during the red light therapy or while the numbing cream is setting in.

Essential Oils

Custom Serums

A custom serum will be prepared for you that meets your individual needs whether it be general skin tightening, addressing fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots, acne, hair growth, etc. Be sure to discuss any special concerns (and of course any allergies).


Micro/Nano Needling

The micro and/or nano needling session will take about 20-30 minutes. A  Swiss apple stem cell serum will be applied to your skin during the treatment for hydration and following, the custom serum will be applied.

Beauty Face Mask

Cooling Mask

After the micro-needling or nano-needling session is completed, a cooling mask will be applied. If you opted for a body acupuncture treatment, the needles will be removed while you relax with the mask.

Hair Growth Treatments

Treatments begin with a 10 minute red light session. Discovered in the 1960's, red light has been shown to stimulate hair growth and reduce inflammation of the hair follicle (see below articles).


During the micro-needling treatment, a Chinese herbal hair tonic with stem cells will be applied. You will receive some to take home plus a handmade probiotic shampoo with stem cells that supports hair growth. You will also receive a special tool for the most troublesome areas to use until your next session.


Treatments can usually be done every 2 weeks and are recommended no less than every 4 weeks. If you use minoxidil or other hair growth product, following each session, it is best to wait 48 hours prior to resuming.

Before and after photo of scalp microneeling for hair loss
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