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Functional Lab Testing

Functional Lab Testing aims to help patients maintain wellness and discover underlying causes of symptoms that are potentially not addressed with standard laboratory testing. Often results are "in range" or standard treatment protocols are administered (drugs and/or surgery), yet patients feel no better. A condition may not be tested for because either a connection is not understood by a medical provider or an important test is not covered by insurance so it is not considered.

In addition to blood work, Functional Lab Testing may also include stool, urine, saliva and breath testing for a comprehensive view of how a person is functioning. Using multiple forms of testing can provide the most clues into the presence of dysfunction that may or may not have overt symptoms.

If you are seeking to optimize your health, or have been told that everything is "normal," yet you still feel unwell, Functional Lab Testing can provide additional insight into overall functioning and provide the foundation of a new journey toward getting and stay healthy.

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Self Order Labs

link to order blood work

If you know what you want to have tested, click on the icon above  to place an order through, then go to Quest Diagnostics (LOCATIONS) for the blood draw. Usually at least 20% off published rates is offered and what you pay out of pocket may be less than what you would be responsible for going through insurance.


Functional Fertility

Optimal functioning is an important part of fertility care. Especially if you are trying to get pregnant without success (so far) or have been diagnosed with "unexplained infertility." Functional Lab Testing will focus on assessing thyroid health, MTHFR status, the gut microbiome (digestive system), and food sensitivities to start.

Ordering through the Office

If you are not sure what labs are right for your symptoms/condition, schedule a 50 minute in person or tele-health appointment to discuss your health concerns. Recommended tests with appropriate lab order forms will then be emailed to you. Once the blood work or other tests are completed, schedule a 30 minute follow up appointment to discuss the results and receive recommendations.

Gut Permeability and Food Sensitivity Testing

Simply put, gut permeability means how well the gut is functioning to keep substances that belong only in the digestive tract out of the blood stream. When these substances are found in the blood stream, one is considered to have a "leaky gut." Scientific evidence now points to "leaky gut" as responsible for a very long list of both physical and psychological ailments.

KBMO Diagnostics offers a simple at-home finger stick method to assess leaky gut as well as test for food sensitivities. Click the icon below for more information.




To receive a test, text the office to have one left for you, or KBMO can drop ship one to you via their website. Use physician reference number C-1903912.


Click HERE for the KBMO pricing sheet.

link to order gut barrier test and food sensitivity test

Common reasons patients have been seen in the practice for Functional Lab Testing:

Trying to get pregnant

Trying to lose weight

Hormonal imbalances

Gastro-Intestinal complaints

Skin conditions such as unexplained rashes, rosacea and eczema

Unexplained aches and pains

Autoimmune conditions

Hair loss

General wellness

and more!

Medical Advice Disclaimer

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