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What is Acupuncture?

The word "acupuncture" means to puncture the skin. Originating in ancient China, acupuncture is now widely practiced in the West. It is one of the pillars of Chinese medicine, popularly used to alleviate pain and treat various other physical and emotional conditions.


In 2003 the World Health Organization published a review and analysis of controlled clinical trials pertaining to acupuncture. The results revealed a significant number of conditions for which acupuncture has been proven effective through clinical trials or where the therapeutic effect of acupuncture has been shown but additional  proof is needed. Click HERE for the list.


How does acupuncture work?

By accessing specific locations on the body, the energetic pathways often referred to as "Qi" can be stimulated to promote natural balance and healing. The most common method of stimulation is by inserting fine, sterile needles into the skin. Pressure, heat or electrical stimulation techniques can enhance therapeutic effects and include manual massage, moxibusion (moxa) or other heat therapy, cupping, red/near infra red (NIR) light therapy and/or the application of topical herbal preparations.

Acupuncture Close Up

Additional Complemetary Treatments:

Laser therapy on a knee used to treat pain.

Laser Light Therapy

Low Level Light Therapy has been shown to reduce inflammation and promote healing for many conditions. We use a targeted handheld device for small areas and/or a pen-like probe to stimulate acupuncture points. This is a great non-needle treatment for kids and also adults who may be needle-phobic.


Click the image below to access our informational sheet on the Microlight ML 830 which is the handheld paddle and acupuncture probe used by Greenwich Acupuncture Clinic.

Laser therapy


Cupping is an ancient therapy aimed at reducing pain and inflammation, promoting blood flow and circulation to the local area being treated and helps remove toxins from the body. Sliding cupping is a treatment using a medium such as coconut oil to allow the cups to slide and thereby relaxing muscles as it glides over. Gua Sha is another therapy used with similar purpose and results that is more effective at addressing bony or hairy areas that may prevent cups from adhering.

gua sha

Gua Sha

Red andNear Infra-Red Light Therapy

Energy is essential to life. Red and near infrared (NIR) light emit wavelengths through the skin that stimulate the mitochondria of cells to produce more energy in the form of ATP. This is the energy all our cells need to perform thousands of functions and using these light wavelengths can not only helps us survive, but thrive. In addition to improving conditions listed below, promising research has shown that with certain conditions including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and even Autism, individuals affected tend to have lower levels of ATP. Red/NIR light therapy can help stimulate increased production for improved functioning. 


On the face, red light stimulates cellular energy, the production of collagen and elastin, and increases lymph and blood flow. At the same time, it reduces skin-damaging inflammation and oxidative stress.

On PubMed Central there are nearly 5000 studies on the effects of Red Light Therapy and over 1300 with free full text articles.



There is now a lot of emerging research as to the effectiveness of Red and Near InfraRed for both male and female fertility. Here is a link to some great information:


The panels used by Greenwich Acupuncture Clinic offer five different wavelengths to yield the greatest healing potential across many therapeutic needs:

630 nm wavelength

reduces fine lines and wrinkles, stimulates male and female hair growth, helps reduce skin inflammation and breakouts (acne)

660 nm wavelength

reduces training fatigue, reduces inflammation, improves bone healing, reduces swelling following injury, reduces neuropathic pain, accelerates wound healing

810 nm wavelength

improved muscle healing and recovery, accelerated wound healing, neuroprotective benefits, improved recovery from traumatic brain injury, reduced depression and anxiety, help for androgenetic alopecia

830 nm wavelength

accelerates healing and reduces infection, increases endorphins, improved bone repair and growth, faster healing post injury, improves aesthetic outcome post surgery by reducing swelling, infection, bruising and pain

850 nm wavelength

reduced joint pain and general inflammation, enhanced muscle recovery, faster healing skin lesions, reduced wrinkes and hyperpigmentation

In a nutshell, Red and Near InfraRed Light Therapy ...


Improve Overall Skin Health, Increase Collagen Production, Stimulate ATP Production, Improve Muscle Recovery, Stimulate Hair Growth, Speed Wound Healing, Reduce Inflammation, Improve Circulation, Reduce Pain, and Enhance Fertility.

near infrared light therapy


Is a green light to health!

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