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Cosmetic Treatments During Pregnancy and Why NanoNeedling is the Best Option

Many women start using botox, fillers and other anti-aging treatments during younger years to preserve their appearance as they age. Pregnancy, while a magical time, comes with changes to bodies and skin, so it is natural to want to do all you can to look and feel your best. Most of the treatments available however, have not been tested on humans for safety during pregnancy and while breast feeding. Though animal studies have been completed, and even if proven safe via that research, animal studies do not automatically translate to humans so approaching with caution is warranted.

If you happened to have gotten botox or had another procedure without realizing you were pregnant, the risks appear to be low, but you should not continue with treatments during pregnancy or while breast feeding.

Clients often ask about the safety of MicroNeedling during pregnancy. While it is generally considered safe, it doesn't come without potential risks and is therefore discouraged during pregnancy and while breast feeding.

Potential Risks of MicroNeedling During Pregnancy

 - Any time the skin is punctured, while the risk is low, it creates an opportunity for infection;

 - The process that the skin goes through to heal the micro-traumas created, uses energy and nutrients that could be directed toward the growing baby instead;

 - Numbing cream used prior to microneedling treatments is not safe for the baby;

- Hyaluronic Acid, which is most often used during and after microneedling treatments, crosses the blood-brain barrier with the baby and has not been tested for safety.

All About NanoNeedling

NanoNeedling renews the skin via nano-channels that are created by the pyramid-like cones contained within the nano-needle. Only the top .15 % of the epidermis (outer layer of the skin) is affected and the skin is not punctured. It is via the created channels that serums can be delivered resulting in a 97% higher absorption rate. This also triggers the skin's natural regenerative processes of boosting collagen and elastin production.

NanoNeedling is commonly used to address fine lines, larger pores, aging skin, scarring and stretch marks. It's also used around the eyes and lips to improve the appearance of crow's feet and lip lines.

Benefits include smoother, more hydrated skin, exfoliation, improved skin tone and reduced pigmentation, less scarring, less noticeable fine lines and wrinkles and promotion of an all over instant glow with no down time!

Sensitivity to products or serums used can occur. Be sure to discuss any allergies prior to treatment and any skin changes you have experienced since becoming pregnant.

NanoNeedling treatments also help support any cosmetic procedures you have had that are not able to continue during pregnancy. Since you are most likely already glowing, waiting until after baby is best for any treatments, but NanoNeedling is the safest option if you want to have facial treatments while pregnant or breast feeding.

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